LUXE Intelligence’s Process is a 360 degree study in creating relevant brands, who can successfully own a share of the marketplace. We start with a Brand Diagnostic, identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. We develop competitive advantages and market assessments designed to create, produce and launch exceptional products and campaigns that earn market share.

Our method is thorough, focused, dynamic and analytic. It fosters brand authenticity to drive performance, and applies common sense and market data to identify growth opportunities.

It’s more than brand strategy. It’s brand intelligence.


Services for Brands and Designers:


  • POV Assessment
  • Market Analysis
  • Competition Layout
  • Positioning Diagnostic
  • Product Development Strategy
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Development of Social Responsibility Programs


Services for Retailers:


  • Merchandising Services
  • Customer profiling
  • Retail design & POS Development
  • Sales Training
  • Coaching, Career Development Plans
  • Social Responsibility with ROI
  • Crisis Management
  • Trade Relations

Creating Your Voice

LUXE Intelligence works on different platforms to understand consumer and industry opinions towards a luxury brand and its sector: the appeal of a new collection, the role of celebrity endorsement, attitudes towards a brand’s values.

Through the Point of View Assessment, we build models of consumer perception and fine tune a client’s positioning, creating a VOICE that best represents the core values of each brand, and guiding every phase of internal and external communications. Through an exclusive system of social media and editorial metrics, we gauge reactions to campaigns.

Which activities are more successful in generating a response amongst social media users who appear to be target consumers or may be key influence-builders? Who is influencing the conversations around particular luxury brands, where and why? What media vehicles are particularly efficient in creating brand awareness and positive sentiment towards a brand?

We also media train designers and executives to master TV and social media opportunities, create digital video solutions and work with our clients in the strategic development of PR campaigns, collaterals, sales tools, digital marketing and manage relationship within the trade and media.

Our Strategies


  • Assess brand reputation, customer attitudes
  • Support decision-making by marketing, production, innovation teams
  • Communications and Social Media campaigns
  • Media Training, TV & Video development
  • Category Insight on new products and services
  • Campaign insight & Brand IQ monitoring

LUXE Intelligence’s Offices and Salon are nothing like a traditional wholesale showroom. Yes, here is where our designer brands are showcased to media, stylists, trend setters and buyers from all over the world, but the similarities end right there.

Beautifully appointed in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, near the fashion and fine jewelry districts, LUXE Intelligence is a convenient place to see those who live and work in New York or come to town on business for a couple of days. Our salon hosts events for our clients, collection previews, business meetings, and strategy sessions. It’s where our brands live, and our clients call it home when in New York City.

Each one of our brand clients are unique in their positioning and attributes, therefore we generate a personalized, custom approach to sustainable development. LUXE Intelligence pursues sales opportunities through the global wholesale, retail, electronic and digital networks 24/7, 365 days of the year. We also support and represent our clients at the important events and recommended trade shows applicable to their growth strategy.


LUXE Intelligence is also represented in Sao Paulo, Brazil, one of the fastest growing global luxury markets. Our presence there gives LUXE the ability to best represent the interests of our clients locally, and have a direct relationship with the very dynamic jewelry design and manufacturing hubs across Brazil. Our global network of resources and relationships extends to Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and our relentless passion for “the sale” is our – and our clients’ – strongest asset in the race to becoming a successful and indispensable brand.