Founder and President

Andrea Hansen is a consummate business development and strategic marketing professional, passionate about creating smart, visionary brands who can influence a new generation of consumers.  She advocates a steady focus on core values, better understanding of the issues that affect all segments of the industry, and building bridges between these different segments.  She is a creator of brand-appropriate relevant products that meet market demands with optimal margins, high rates of success and client approval; she is experienced in sourcing, manufacturing, cost analysis,  and all aspects of retail and product development.  In 2012 she founded LUXE INTELLIGENCE a strategic consulting firm and showroom space devoted to intelligent business development in the jewelry world.  Combining her love for the jewelry industry with her dedication to improving the roles of women in business, she assumed the role of International President of the Women's Jewelry Association, sits on the advisory board of Jewelers Mutual and on the board of Peace of the Action, an international not-for-profit advisory board that mentors women entrepreneurs to develop and market their products and services in places like Pakistan, Southeast Asia and Latin America..



V.P. of COmmunications

Deemed the “total package” by her industry Helena Krodel has ambitiously promoted and marketed fine jewelry, watches, fashion accessories and beauty products for over fifteen years. Most recently she was Director of Studio PR, a boutique fine jewelry and fashion PR agency based in New York City. For nearly a decade, Krodel was the powerhouse dynamic spokesperson for Jewelry Information Center (JIC), the consumer education arm of Jewelers of America (JA) – the national trade association for businesses serving the fine jewelry retail marketplace. Acting as Director of Media and Special Events, she was instrumental in stimulating consumer desire for fine jewelry and watches through her work with media. Krodel also produced and directed industry gala GEM Awards, known as the Academy Awards of the fine jewelry and watch industry. Mrs. Krodel holds a Bachelor of Science in Textile Marketing with a minor in Business from the University of Rhode Island. She is a founding member of the Women’s Jewelry Association’s (WJA) Metropolitan Chapter. In 2011, she was awarded the (WJA) Award for Excellence in Media. During that same year, leading industry publication IDEX featured Krodel in an article titled “She’s The One,” proclaiming her as one of six leading women to watch in the industry.  



DAVID Aidan bonifaci 
v.p. of business Development

Having been in the jewelry business since 2005,David has garnered a breadth of experience with various fine jewelry designers and brands. Currently collaborating with international designers from Los Angeles, New-York, Miami, Paris, London, Milan and Hong-Kong, he supported the development of companies such as Repossi or Garrard, in the Middle-East, Europe and Asia. His passion for building intelligent brands based on consumer-centric strategies, led him to partner and initiate new launches worldwide. Living in Paris, France, David has built are putation based on his in-depth understanding of the Fine and Designer jewelry industry landscape, from production to wholesale, retail and marketing.



sales & business Development

Marcy Imbert's multi-faceted 30 years of experience bring powerful expertise in opening doors and closing deals as part of the LUXE Intelligence team. As a sales executive, Marcy is comfortable working with high-profile clientele and meeting their expectations of discretion and service. She has an innate ability to discern her clients’ needs and desires. 

Her record of professional accomplishments includes extensive work in haute jewelry, fashion and home goods. Her eclectic career has enabled her to develop expertise in a number of areas including: entrepreneurship, leadership, management, public relations, marketing, social media, e-commerce, loss prevention and budget management.  

Having immersed herself in the fashion industry at the age of eighteen, Marcy developed a keen eye for present and future trends. Her mentor Luciano Benetton taught her all aspects of creating, branding and communicating the core of a  brand. Imbert is fluent in both French and Italian, and has formerly worked and lived overseas for years at a time. Marcy holds a B.A. in Fine Arts and a Masters in Psychology, as well as a GIA certificate in Diamonds.


Cheryl Demma
sales & business development

A long time professional of the diamond and jewelry industries, Cheryl Demma started her career in the buying office of illustrious retailer Lux, Bond & Green in Connecticut.  Experienced in merchandising and sales, Cheryl's relationships with top jewelry and watch US retailers go back 3 decades.  She lives in the Hartford area with her husband Roy and son Chris.