Creating Your Voice

LUXE Intelligence works on different platforms to understand consumer and industry opinions towards a luxury brand and its sector: the appeal of a new collection, the role of celebrity endorsement, attitudes towards a brand’s values.

Through the Point of View Assessment, we build models of consumer perception and fine tune a client’s positioning, creating a VOICE that best represents the core values of each brand, and guiding every phase of internal and external communications. Through an exclusive system of social media and editorial metrics, we gauge reactions to campaigns.

Which activities are more successful in generating a response amongst social media users who appear to be target consumers or may be key influence-builders? Who is influencing the conversations around particular luxury brands, where and why? What media vehicles are particularly efficient in creating brand awareness and positive sentiment towards a brand?

We also media train designers and executives to master TV and social media opportunities, create digital video solutions and work with our clients in the strategic development of PR campaigns, collaterals, sales tools, digital marketing and manage relationship within the trade and media.

Our Strategies


  • Assess brand reputation, customer attitudes
  • Support decision-making by marketing, production, innovation teams
  • Communications and Social Media campaigns
  • Media Training, TV & Video development
  • Category Insight on new products and services
  • Campaign insight & Brand IQ monitoring