LUXE Intelligence’s Process is a 360 degree study in creating relevant brands, who can successfully own a share of the marketplace. We start with a Brand Diagnostic, identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. We develop competitive advantages and market assessments designed to create, produce and launch exceptional products and campaigns that earn market share.

Our method is thorough, focused, dynamic and analytic. It fosters brand authenticity to drive performance, and applies common sense and market data to identify growth opportunities.

It’s more than brand strategy. It’s brand intelligence.


Services for Brands and Designers:


  • POV Assessment
  • Market Analysis
  • Competition Layout
  • Positioning Diagnostic
  • Product Development Strategy
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Development of Social Responsibility Programs


Services for Retailers:


  • Merchandising Services
  • Customer profiling
  • Retail design & POS Development
  • Sales Training
  • Coaching, Career Development Plans
  • Social Responsibility with ROI
  • Crisis Management
  • Trade Relations