Intervision by LUXE Intelligence at JCK

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company brings the next frontier of retail technology to @jckEvents

The Intervision Salon at Luxury will showcase brands, manufacturers, marketing and technology innovators helping redesign the future of jewelry retail. Jewelers Mutual and Excelion Partners bring the latest in consumer engagement technology to Intervision through the JM JourneyTM App

Have you heard the experts say you have to connect with the consumers wherever they are? Have you heard that between 40% and 50% of first consumer interactions today with a brand or store happen on a mobile device?

Do you realize that by 2018, 80% of consumers will open their emails on a smart phone? To stay connected with consumers a brand has to understand how to deliver personalized experiences, and the next frontier is Beacon Marketing.

This "proximity" technology allows you to connect with your customers’ for digital and physical shopping through beacon-based marketing. Beacons use tiny sensors to identify your shopper’s proximity to specific locations within your store. You can then use that data to launch targeted campaigns and deliver personalized offers to their phone in real-time.

“Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, the only insurer dedicated solely to serving the jewelry industry in the United States and Canada, is more than a trusted insurance advisor and loss prevention expert. The company is constantly looking for ways to help retail jewelers survive and thrive - especially in trying to attract the exponentially growing purchasing power of millennial consumers," said Benjamin DeBoer, director of corporate development. "We are dedicated to developing strategies and products to support and grow the jewelry industry."

Based upon their vision, intelligence gathering services and partnership with the jewelry industry - Jewelers Mutual and Excelion Partners will bring ideas to life at the Intervision Salon at LUXURY by JCK EventsThe salon, curated by @luxeintelligence to present actionable solutions to the issues facing jewelers, will include merchandising, design, technology and marketing ideas to help retailers and brands reconnect with the consumer.

Right before the show opens you will be able to download the Jewelers Mutual JM Journey App and experience first hand the connectivity and personalized consumer engagement made possible by beacon marketing. See how it could work for your own store or business. By downloading the app and collecting "virtual diamonds" you will be entered to win the following amazing prizes:

- Apple - MacBook Air® - 11.6" Display Intel Core i5 - 4GB
- Sharp - 50" Class - Smart 4K Ultra HD TV – LED
- Microsoft - Surface 3 - 10.8" - Intel Atom - 128GB
- Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray Aluminum Case
- Apple Watch Sport 42mm Silver Aluminum Case
- Apple Watch Sport 38mm Rose Gold Aluminum Case
- Apple Watch Sport 38mm Silver Aluminum Case
- Beats by Dr. Dre - Beats Studio Over-the-Ear Headphones
- 5 (Five) UE - Roll Wireless Bluetooth Speakers in Multiple Colors
- Various Mandalay Bay Gift Cards from $50 to $300
- Twenty (20) $50 Best Buy Gift Cards

See @JewelersMutual at Intervision, Elite Enclave Salon
Mandalay Bay, Shorelines Level2
May 31st to June 6th

LUXE, By Design: Custom Jewelry

What's better than enviable jewelry? Enviable jewelry that is exclusively yours. There's something delicious about telling one's admirers that you're wearing one-of-a-kind, that their jealousy will exist eternally suspended because you are the sole owner of this design. Here at LUXE, we value not only design aesthetic, but the aesthetic our clients are aiming to accomplish. And sometimes, you just can't find precisely what you're looking for. We've talked to two of our favorite designers, David Alan Wegweiser, of David Alan Jewelry, and Wendy Brandes about their designs, their experience with custom jewelry, and the relationships they form with clients through the whole process. 

David Alan designs predominantly with individual clients, collaborating on each piece while keeping a vein of chic yet organic design throughout that is uniquely David. He believes in the involvement of his clients in his design process, removing the pressure of cases ready-made pieces and creating a special bond with each client. David's aspiration? "I strive to create "modern classics" which will become true contemporary heirlooms." For David, jewelry is not an end game, but rather a conversation between designer and client. His custom pieces are individual to each customer, but carry his distinct design elements- for instance, each David Alan piece includes one singular pink diamond, a rarity of molecular shifting in the diamond's life span. Hidden, unique details like this make his pieces not only distinctly David, but distinct from all other pieces on the market. The thought and intent that goes into each design, both on the part of the designer and the client, ultimately results in more than a piece of jewelry; David Alan is manifesting memories, ideas come to life and set to be cherished for their lifetime.

Wendy Brandes has a passion not only for her own ideas, but those of her clients: "I'm always excited to work on custom pieces, whether its an engagement ring or a $35 silver emoji earring design." Brandes displays a wide breadth of inspiration in her ready-made collections, and her custom pieces are no exception. Her specialty in the custom realm is redesigning old jewelry, adding her own flair as well as the fantasies of her clients to create the piece of their dreams. Wendy's design process of lost-wax casting for one-of-a-kind pieces guarantees a product that is not only unique, but harbors the intent and passion of the designer as well as the client in the ideas come to fruition. "The end result for the customer is jewelry that retains the sentimental value associated with the old, repurposed gems, while acquiring new sentimental value, related to how the new work of jewelry art came to life." Wendy's work with her custom clients creates the bonds that keep them coming back for more, whether they're seeking to add some life into an unloved piece, or commemorate a special time in their lives with a one-of-a-kind piece. "I keep all the thank you notes in which customers say the beauty of their new jewelry brought them to happy tears. I have quite a few of those!" You can put a price on the jewelry, but the bonds and individualism forged in owning a custom piece is truly priceless. 

Alex Soldier

Life should be a work of art. The way we live should paint a beautiful picture, and a large part of that is ingrained in the way we express ourselves. If we're meant to live artfully, why not dress as such? Each Alex Soldier piece is designed as a miniature work of art. Inspired by his heritage rooted in the Euro-Asian mountains and the abundance of naturally beautiful resources there, Soldier creates an experience far beyond accessorizing for his buyers. Since moving to the US, his collections have honed in on the market of contemporary jewelry while still retaining the beauty and craftsmanship of individual works of art. His pieces feature precise and minute detail, bringing multifaceted intrigue to any ensemble. Soldier pulls dainty elements from nature, and his collections feature dark metals juxtaposed with airy, organic shapes and images, such as his butterfly necklace.

Here at LUXE, we love to display the work of the designers we represent. Our selection of Alex Soldier truly brings an element of artistic flair to the LUXE Salon, as well as displays our affinity for immaculate craftsmanship. The intricacy of an Alex Soldier piece is simply awe-inspiring, an essential in haute accessories. For the woman who strives to live artfully, Alex Soldier delivers in luxurious products and fascinating detail.

David Alan

The phrase "Love thy neighbor" isn't so common here in Manhattan. There's always going to be someone's dog noisily chasing its shadow right above your head, someone getting lucky a little too often right next door, and that one guy down the hall who always clogs the trash chute. Here at LUXE, we love our neighbors- so much so, we back them when we see them doing something really extraordinary. David Alan Jewelry, located just a few floors down in our 5th Avenue office building, is no exception to our creative camaraderie. 

David prides himself not only on the perfection of his craft, but on the unique personal experience he creates for his buyers. David Alan Jewelers create mainly customized pieces comprised of precious metals and delicate diamonds, with an overarching and immediately recognizable fluidity to his work. His previously made collections we have here at LUXE feature an organic elegance that is both polished and poised, an extension of yourself in every piece. 

In a city of seeming rigidity and congestion, from traffic jams to towering buildings, delicacy and fluidity is a luxury- made all the more decadent with stunning rows of carefully curated diamonds. David Alan introduces a classic aesthetic that is entirely nouveau as well as remarkably natural. Any time you're in to visit the LUXE Salon, we highly recommend stopping by to visit David Alan for an additional dose of diamonds and all things LUXE- because neighborly love never goes out of style. 

Wendy Brandes

Wendy Brandes does not give a single f@#!. Pardon my French, I’m obviously referring to her enviable sterling silver swear rings, as well as her entire pop culture-inspired collection of popular symbols in stunning precious metals. Her collections exude a trademark stamp of bad-ass creative design and ingenuity that is not only undeniably luxurious, but undeniably Wendy. Each one is a lovely niche in the artist's imagination come to beautiful and often awe inspiring fruition. Her displays of 18K gold and platinum pieces, interspersed with inspiration from powerful women as well as decadent whimsy speak for themselves- but we'll speak about them anyway.

Her barbed wire collection oozes a "don't mess with me" vibe while simultaneously beckoning to everyone around as if to say, "Why yes, I am posh AND incredibly cool. Thank you for noticing."  These pieces have a certain delicacy, their spokes posing no actual threat other than serious attitude and lots of envy. Hoops are huge this season- add some textural tones to this timeless look with Wendy's platinum and diamond Barbed Wire Hoop Earrings (pictured below). Mix and match with her Full-Finger Hinged Rings. For the added decadence that's oh-so-Brandes, look for the petite hidden rubies at the underside of each hinge. 

Brandes' most shining accomplishment, however, is the ultimate decadence enumerated in her eight "maneater" rings. The iconicism enamored in these ornate pieces captures the eye in a way only a tiny diamond taxi with ruby brake lights can do. Each ring has its own intrigue, encasing the soul of a tiny man at its base and rendering his humanism to the mercy of its respective symbol, be it a drunk writer to a hypnotic pink elephant or a greedy-eyed hunter to the majestic sleeping lioness.  Her NYC Taxi and Passenger ring, a JCK Editor's pick this past year, is the epitome of luxury juxtaposed with an observance and love of New York that borders on the fanatical- truly a piece that devours the imagination. Included in the collection are a raging black diamond bull and matador, the elephant and its sleeping benefactor, and a poisonously beautiful tree frog and prince, among others. These pieces, at the peak of luxury within Brandes's myriad of niche collections, exemplify her craftsmanship as an professional as well as her whimsy and depth of imagination as an artist. 

However, Wendy Brandes as a designer caters to a wide clientele, ranging from those luxury lovers in pursuit of more intense elegance like her Empress Wu ring, to more badass buyers looking for some polished pop culture, drawing from her collection of emoji and popular symbols. Brandes, with her insight into the juxtaposition of timeless style and modern culture, reaches an entirely new height with her collection of gold and silver rings featuring symbols anywhere from "LOLZ" to the ever-prevalent "✌︎" symbol. For more cost-efficient cool, Brandes still provides her quirky quintessential design aesthetic for the twenty-first century and its constantly shifting pop culture. 

Interspersed between her higher luxury pieces and the more wearable range of social culture-inspired collections, Brandes displays a wide variety of higher-end as well as affordable pieces. As vast as her inspiration may span, Wendy Brandes is always channeling the beauty and intensity of powerful women through her designs, each one carefully researched and beautifully transitioned from history into truly wearable art. Her intellectual wit as well as a passion for powerful feminine history provides her clients with pieces inspired by Virginia Woolf, Juana la Loca of Spain, and even notable women in her own life. Through this transcendence of craftsmanship and intrigue, Brandes provides consistent quality and attention to detail that only heightens that already expansive fascinations that she channels into her jewelry. 

Dionea Orcini

Every girl at some point wanted to be a princess, a fairy, some entity with magical powers. Of course, we dreamt of soaring to great heights, attaining invisibility for the soul purpose of stealing cookies from the cookie jar, and later in life, gaining the ability to not blush every time a handsome man that so much as looked our way. All those dreams, those fairytale fascinations with controlling the universe, attaining the sacred mysticism hidden from the naked eye, Dionea Orcini channels through her collections. Her pieces originate from four aspects of fascination: the sacred, the medieval, the arabesque, and the mysterious.

Orcini’s sacred collection captures the essence of several different powerful women, from goddesses to empresses tantamount to the divine. It features decadent detailing and no shortage of exquisite diamonds, drawing inspiration from Lasya, a Tibetan goddess, Semiramis, the fierce Assyrian queen, and the sacred power of Ameneé, or Vedic palmistry. Each piece draws its power from these powerful entities and lends that ancient power to its wearer.

The medieval pieces pull from the fascination of symbols like orbs and sensual ancient practices like bondage. This jewelry is meant to remind, to stimulate the senses of the owner as well as evoke the mystery and forbidden fascination of medieval nobility. Each wearer becomes her own queen, enrobing herself in vibrant stones and intricate metal detailing.

Meanwhile, the arabesque collection delves into the ancient artistry of Mehndi, or henna body art. These pieces lend the beauty and sensuality of this Indian tradition to each woman, transforming her into an Indian princess of her own design. The intricate patterns of this collection hold the sensuality and mystery of ancient body adornment, lending a more luxurious touch to this Indian tradition.

The mysterious collection exudes ancient power of queens and rulers, featuring Celtic symbols and modern minimalist design. Decadent color drips from these jewels, with ancient beauty rising to meet contemporary fashion.

As humans, we utilize our ingenuity to achieve our wildest fascinations. Want to soar through the sky? There are private jets. Care to cast a spell of love? Confidence is key. Where we aim to mystify those around us, channeling the ancient powers we’ve always dreamt of, we turn to adornment. Dionea Orcini and her collections capture the essence of what it means to captivate, to enthrall, and to be in control of our own sacred universe.

Rina Limor

Imagine yourself sipping mimosa off the coast of Sicily, the sunrise glinting off the ice blue waters like the most fantastic work of ethereal artwork. Picture yourself in a forest entirely encrusted in glimmering ice crystals, each one appearing to drip from the trees. Allow your mind to float in caves of effervescent diamonds, no two alike in shape but each one more spectacular than the next. If you could, would you capture this beauty, convey it with each turn of your head or wave of your hand? Rina Limor captures this beauty, this ethereal essence through her collections featured here at Luxe.

Limor is an artist drawn in by the one-of-a-kind, the glamour of Italian lifestyle and the luxury of fine jewels. Her pieces, inspired by “La Dolce Vita,” hold true the concept of “the good life” in luxurious color and stunning craftsmanship of exquisite diamonds and organic-looking gems.

The collection of “new essentials” features sleek and elegant pieces crafted in gold, pearl, and diamond elements. The delicacy of this collection lends itself to her timeless aesthetic as well as modernity and femininity.  Each piece has delicate texture, attention to detail being of the utmost importance. Of all the pieces in her collection of “new essentials,” however, Limor’s vine earrings stand out as beautifully organic, reminiscent of nature as well as modern femininity, emulating strength and elegance in the form of delicate strands of gold with interspersed diamond “leaves.”

If Rina Limor’s “new essentials” collection whispers of delicate femininity, her haute couture collection of decadent gems and vibrant color exudes feminine empowerment and beauty. Her luxurious range of precious jewels, from classic sapphires to exotic paraiba stones, emulates decadence and strength in the craftsmanship of these stunning elements. Especially apparent in her emerald and ruby cluster rings, the gems are stunning yet raw in shape, their appearing haphazard placement creating a sense of organic luxury, though each piece is clearly the work of master craftsmanship and painstaking detail. Limor’s haute couture line is the epitome of organic decadence.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Limor creates a line of demure but nonetheless striking pieces in her sunrise collection. The depth and seeming manipulation of light in topaz and quartz combined with pink tones sterling silver emulates a certain quality of majesty. With no lack of elegance, the pieces are nonetheless playful and full of artistry, each stone smooth to perfection, each metal catching and toying with light in a way that is altogether reminiscent of an actual sunrise

Her line of anniversary bands is no exception to Limor’s track record of decadent, organic shapes with luxurious, light-capturing stones. Based entirely in white diamond, these bands capture the essence of the stone while allowing it to exist in its naturally stunning shape. Her eternity band in particular encapsulates this idea, where no two diamonds are exactly the same, and each stones lays against a pool of vibrant yellow gold.

Possibly her most striking collection, and rightfully so, is Rina Limor’s signature collection, which ties together her love for color with her aesthetic of luxury and excellence. Each piece has stunning composition of vibrancy and delicacy, with large stones and stunning cuff bracelets that capture the eye and hold the mind with their intricacy. Her wide array of stones and design elements creates a myriad of light and artistry. Limor’s love for simple glamour and intricate beauty pushes forth in this aptly named collection, which in itself is dedicated to her inspiration in “La Dolce Vita.” Limor lives up to her visions through her artistry, her pieces standing as a testament to effortless glamour and modern, luxurious femininity.

Regardless of which collection you find yourself drawn too (in our case, we’re in love with all of them!), you’ll be channeling a world of seamless beauty through Limor’s craftsmanship that features the decadent enchantment and the effortless beauty of La Dolce Vita. Experience some of this good life- this glorious, shimmering life- here at Luxe, with Rina Limor.

The Giver - A Tribute to Cindy Edelstein

As a member of the jewelry industry, one probably thinks by now - what else can be said about Cindy Edelstein?

Through a veil of shock, grief and tears, the entire world of jewelry has come together since yesterday's news to mourn and express their love and admiration for this one human being who touched so many.

Mentor, loyal friend, supporter, champion, force of nature.  Trace Shelton called her "Tiger Mom to her Cubs" which aptly describes how fiercely she felt and protected her designers - all designers.  In fact, whether a designer had a business relationship with Cindy's business it was a minor detail. If you were a designer in this industry, Cindy was your godmother, shrink, helper, mentor, supporter, cheerleader.

Cindy, the Giver.  No one gave more of herself or himself to this industry than Cindy.  She is the definition of service and passion because she often gave what she did not have: her time.   She gave it generously, she sought ways to help, even when she was not asked.  She lead the way in so many ways, in the most selfless way possible because for Cindy, success was measured in the achievements of those she helped.

That was all of us.

Cindy held a seat on the WJA board for a long time.  At one point there was a chance she might want to roll out, as most board members do at one point or another.  I thought I would have to beg her to stay because I could not envision our work at WJA without her.  

I did not have to beg.  Service was in her blood.  She was ready to give some more.

Thank you Cindy.  You leave a giant hole in our hearts and in the heart of this industry.  I know that overtime we will find the proper way to recognize you, honor your memory and spread your message, because you showed us how.

With love.

Andrea Hansen


What woman doesn’t want to rule the world? We all strive to achieve that Beyonce level of femininity; half the battle is how we present ourselves. Enter Realm, a jewelry brand for the women of their own worlds, those of us that wish to rule the streets as well as the office with style and authority.

Ann King Lagos and Toni Renée Leslie weave majestic femininity and ancient luxury into each piece of their collections at Realm. Their jewelry reigns as inspired by powerful women, with vintage vibes and intricate detailing hailing back to Egyptian and Grecian empresses. Their collections of mixed metals and simple yet striking color palettes give a bohemian, antique air to the wearer, harkening a new “realm” of jewelry that is neither fashion nor costume, entirely its own genre of style and beauty derived from the power of women.

The Tryst collection is perhaps the most intricate as well as the simplest of Realm’s works, devoid of gems but lacking nothing in design, with smooth details juxtaposed by snakeskin-like gold textures. The cuffs in particular have a sacred symmetry and fluidity to them, fit for a queen in their luxury and reminiscent of a snake winding itself around one’s arm. The collection exudes fearsome individualism, while maintaining classic elements of style in its iconic design.

Realm’s Empress collection, while equally as iconic and maintaining the brand’s powerful femininity, separates itself from the pack with its addition of gems to the already decadent nature of the collection. The bedazzled hoops, thick rings, and overarching python-like shape are decidedly cool and classic all at once.

Realm’s most recent collection from Spring of 2015, dubbed Sceptre, provides even more ancient luxury in pavé stones and python details. Glimmering gems introduced to the brand’s already intricate and stunning detailing makes this collection all the more bold and exciting, while maintaining bohemian chic modernity. The drool-worthy Sceptre python collar especially exudes a ‘tude of “I own this town.”

The pieces at Realm are not for the faint of heart; these python-inspired collections bite back with style that reigns and personality that owns the world. In the words of Lagos and Leslie, “It’s about being strong and kind in the same moment—acting on your dreams, achieving your goals and leaving an imprint of thoughtful acts along the path that leads you there.” Will you be the empress of your world?