How We Work


LUXE Intelligence is a full brand and business development firm based on an analytical, thoughtful approach to building successful brands through unique strengths and positioning. Our process encompasses every aspect of brand development, from creating an original brand identity with a clear point of View, competition assessment, pricing strategy, margin optimization and market positioning. Our planning leads to successful sales across wholesale, retail and digital platforms.

LUXE Intelligence is not just an agency, or a showroom or a consulting firm. We believe in simple, yet well executed ideas like brand authenticity, good service and steadfast focus. By aligning product, branding and sales strategies we believe the outcome is coherent, solid success. We welcome collaboration with talented artists, thought leaders, and smart entrepreneurs who want to be successful. We form holistic partnerships, and constantly search for new ways to grow sales. Our team is deeply committed to the long standing industry relationships our partners developed over decades in business. We draw a customized path for our clients, and take that journey together. Our goal is to be indispensable to our clients, and make them indispensable to their own.

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